Born to a police officer, patrick Donald Ngarombo (RIP) and Lucy Opira in Uganda
Abok Village Primary School
Kololo High School, Kampala
Kitante Hill School, Kampala
The American College in London (ACL-UK)
Skillsline International-London (UK)
Launching of the Anti- AIDS poetic campaigns in Uganda
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Publication 1

The Prisons Band has adopted the Anti-HIV Anthem with its four voices: Solo, Alto, Tenor and Base.
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Publication 2
Have you ever seen a poet in action performing before an estimated" audience of 3,000 students?.
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Publication 3
This Anthem is highly educative and, captivating
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Publications 4
"At Lugazi University, we advise students and the youths within the communities to live responsibly and
this advice is very informal."
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Publication 9
In this edition, Safe Life Uganda managed to access and interact with St. Joseph's College Ombaci
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Publication 10
Oucha has so far donated an estimated 50,000 copies of the Anti-HIV/AIDS Anthem published locally to meet nternational standards .........
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Publication 11
The re-known Ugandan Anti HIV/AIDS activist / good health campaigner cum author of the Anti HIV/AIDS Anthem, Patrick Donald Oucha
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One moment, someday
HIV/AIDS will surrender
Crave A.B.C, VCT, ARVs....
Go test now

Keep on fighting
Let life flow
Don't die young
Why die young

Come closeR God
AIDS will vanish
Heal those infected
Bless those affected

Widows, orphans, widowers....
Aids will surrender
One moment, someday
All will rejoice

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