Born to a police officer, patrick Donald Ngarombo (RIP) and Lucy Opira in Uganda
Abok Village Primary School
Kololo High School, Kampala
Kitante Hill School, Kampala
The American College in London (ACL-UK)
Skillsline International-London (UK)
Launching of the Anti- AIDS poetic campaigns in Uganda
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22nd /01/2013

His Excellency
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
The President of the Republic of Uganda
President Office
Parliament Avenue

Dear Sir,

RE: PAYMENT FOR THE HIV/AIDS ANTHEM (XCVIII, No.15 of March, 18th 2005, the Uganda gazette)

The above mentioned intellectual property was composed by me Patrick Donald Oucha (PDO), a Ugandan, and duly gazetted as above. It was played before you by the Bands-UPDF, POLICE and PRISONS during March 8th 2004, International Women’s day celebration at Kamuli Distict, Boma grounds.

The anthem is being used in nearly all primary schools during early morning assembly and HIV/AIDS related assemblies.

Therefore, it’s a proven weapon in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda since then.

In 2007,the Ministry of Education in Uganda used the same intellectual property for National Music Festival competition and directed all primary schools to learn and use the piece.

Attempts to secure payments or even audiences with Uganda Government Officials have been impossible as most of them showed negative response or no response at all.

In pursuance of the payment, I have suffered intimidation, humiliation, discrimination, interrogation and being labeled non Ugandan.

This unfair treatment has re-energised my vision in the fight against HIV/AIDS among others.

I have resolved not to take Uganda Government to court. My humble appeal to your Government is pay me a sum total of USD 3,000,000/= (Three Million Dollars only) to enable me reinvest in other innovative health programmes among others.

I shall wait for your early response.



One moment, someday
HIV/AIDS will surrender
Crave A.B.C, VCT, ARVs....
Go test now

Keep on fighting
Let life flow
Don't die young
Why die young

Come closeR God
AIDS will vanish
Heal those infected
Bless those affected
Widows, orphans, widowers....
Aids will surrender
One moment, someday
All will rejoice

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The Anti HIVI AIDS Anthem has been brought timely and rightly to Paidah
Demonstration School by the Composer who within no time has taught and the children were sharp enough to get the Anthem. We do accept that the Anti AIDS Anthem will have an impact on the teachers, children and communities around us and have a change of behavior in theirfuture.
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The Prisons Band has adopted the Anti-HIV Anthem with its four voices: Solo, Alto, Tenor and Base. This Anthem - has-put all the dynamics of music and it is up to the standard. Uganda Prisons Band.
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