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Oucha’s Personal Mobile Telephone Number Becomes Hot Trade Item
By Safe Life Investigator

World renowned HIV/AIDS activist cum composer HIV/AIDS Anthem Patrick Donald Oucha has reasons to smile after decades of tireless and hard – frontline campaigns against HIV/AIDS globally.

His restricted personal life management has gainfully shaped and attached values to every single item on him on one part and respect across sections of communities on the other part.

In Uganda, his country of origin, our investigator has reliably learnt that sections of young ladies are paying about 50USD (United States dollars 50) to access his personal mobile phone number from who ever has.

“Ladies out there are extremely excited about Oucha, they want to see him physically and interact with him  brotherly. For now they only view him via the net, a situation creating a lot of demand for his personality. To be honest with you, ladies do offer between 40 – 50 USD to access Oucha’s personal mobile phone contact. They really want him” . said Tony, a young Ugandan boy reportedly involved in the business.

When contacted, Oucha’s private assistant Ms Patricia Pike said “We are receiving strange callers allover the world. Some of our telephone lines are now restricted for enhanced personal protection. You know Oucha is a global celebrity whose life must be protected like any other important personalities around the world”.

Why high Demand for Oucha
Millions of people around the world have heard about Oucha and his great global contribution but they have never seen him physically or even his image.
“The day I will shake hands with Oucha I do not know what will happen”, says Catherine Owomugisha from Western Uganda – East Africa.

In February 2012, Oucha reportedly posted to Safe Life Uganda website the meaning of his name which states that;


According to our investigator, the meaning of Oucha has fuelled Ouchas’s fame beyond expectation as it is expressed here now.

Unconfirmed reports put it that Oucha is very uncomfortable with the outcomes of fame and he feels more of “A PRISONER OF FAME”.
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