Born to a police officer, patrick Donald Ngarombo (RIP) and Lucy Opira in Uganda
Abok Village Primary School
Kololo High School, Kampala
Kitante Hill School, Kampala
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Launching of the Anti- AIDS poetic campaigns in Uganda
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World acclaimed HIV/AIDS Activist cum composer HIV/AIDS Anthem, Patrick Donald Oucha, has relocated from the Capital City of Uganda to a little known PAROMBO Township in East Africa, March 2012, Safe Life Investigator reports with authority.

Oucha’s decision to relocate comes after series of attempts by unknown people to eliminate him were disabled.   “I have chosen to maintain peace within my inner world and peace with my outer world. I do not want to hurt my enemies.” said Oucha.

Adding that “the months of January 2012 and February 2012 have been extremely sad for me.”

Safe Life Investigator has learnt that, Oucha reportedly missed programmed motor accident on January 6th and January 7th respectively. He missed programmed abduction on Feb 5th. In mid February, the Ouchas unearthed plots to set their hired office and residence on fire through programmed electrical fault.

In a separate twist on February 25th Oucha was served a bottle of soda (coca-cola) whose content had suspicious object inserted in the bottle.       “I bought a Coca-cola, safely opened by a lady seller but in about twenty seconds I realized something suspicious in the content.  When I complained the mob surrounded me and rapidly turned against me.   Shortly after, officials of Uganda police in plain clothes brutally arrested me.” explained Oucha.

Adding that  “in the process they confiscated my multi line mobile handset valued at $300.    I had $800 and Ugshs.1,000,000 in my wallet which survived the rough hands”

Though Oucha was lifted legs - up during the brutal and unlawful arrest, the police realized it was a mistake on their part.  “We only wanted to save Mr. Oucha from the merciless mob who couldn’t understand whatever explanation” said an Officer from Mukono Police who preferred not to be named.

Oucha writes to World Health Organization.
In a letter dated 12th October 2011, Oucha wrote to World Health Organization, Kampala Office seeking for support and protection. However, World Health Organization Kampala Office spent about four months to reply the said letter.

Our investigator saw a letter undersigned by Dr. Joaquium Saweka which states that “the organization is not in position to help in any way because of resource limitation and mandatory issues.”

Adding that “feel free to contact us in future we could be of help regarding your programmes that may fall within our core mandate and functions.  Looking forward to working together in future in the fight against HIV/AIDS and providing technical assistance to your organization as may be required” reads in part letter dated 12/12/2011 but delivered to the recipient on 18/02/2012 (2 months).

Oucha and the Uganda Police Force.
The history of Oucha and the Police Force is dated way back in the 60s when Oucha’s Father Patrick Donald Ngarombo RIP served as Inspector of Police.  The family enjoyed good relationship until October, 3rd 2011 when Uganda Police interrogated Oucha for about 40 hours in three days on allegations of being non-Ugandan, a mistake Uganda Police Force  quickly corrected by issuing a letter which reads in parts  “Patrick Donald Oucha is a true Ugandan. A Global HIV/AIDS Activist and the Composer of HIV/AIDS Anthem, gazetted in the Uganda Gazette of March 18 2005. He is free to go about with his business as this office has found no criminal record on him after ‘Investigations States Uganda Police, Criminal Intelligence Metropolitant South.

Meanwhile Oucha feels the Police has disorganized him beyond and inconvenienced him totally “I am not happy with the Uganda Police Force, they have made my life miserable by way of intimidation, humiliation, harassments, unlawful arrests something that makes me regret why my father ever served in the Force.” 

Adding that “I have been a humble person for long but that does not mean am dull.  I pray that my tongue should not answer these guys without touch of respect.”

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