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By Patrick Donald Oucha & Tony Irungu
In Kenya
June 20, 2013

Lifting lid on the untold suffering and torture of refugees in Kakuma refugee camp; we have evidently learnt that the camp is becoming hell rather than a safe haven for refugees. Some cases present gross violation of human rights.  One would wonder why the UN human rights organization is not visible in Kakuma refugee camp.
Ugandan refugee crucified.
A Ugandan refugee, male, (names withheld on request) age 26 Karamajong by tribe was on 4/11/2012 crucified and tortured in a similar style that Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. Narrating his worst moments in Kakuma refugee camp, the young man said “i was captured by four armed men who stripped me naked and instructed me to say my last prayers. They dragged me to Hong Kong, Kakuma 2 and nailed me on a tree, with my legs and chest tied”.

He added that “the police stormed for my rescue at about mid night. They searched for a hammer and scooped my hands off the tree. " His body has multiple scars of injuries inflicted by series of torture tactics "am in trouble with my body, you can see my scars here..." he explained.

According to a hospital discharge summary dated 05/11/12 to 09/11/12, the 26 years old suffered from crucified nail pains in both hands. The case was reported and reflected under OB/4/11/2012 of Hong Kong police post, Kakuma refugee camp. Speaking with much difficulties and flow of tears, he said. “I want to leave Kakuma for a safer place; I cannot tell why the UNHCR is still holding me here".

In 2010, he was also attacked by unknown people who broke into his camp house, robbed, stabbed and injured him senselessly. A police letter dated 24/08/2010 step by step describes the said attack by armed persons.
He has been granted refugee status in Kenya as reflected in a letter dated 05/08/11- UNHCR. "Please be informed that Kakuma is your place of residence", the mandate letter read in part.

In a related untold story, the said Ugandan married a Somali woman with whom he has one child. However, they have since divorced for reasons not known.